Reactions to Donald Trump's election as President have been intense and concerned; with rappers shocked by the victory along with everyone's concerns regarding what a Trump presidency is going to mean for the next four years.

However, David Banner is taking an optimistic approach in examining Trump's win. On Wednesday (Nov. 9), the Mississippi-bred rapper/producer posted a video on his Facebook page explaining that Trump becoming President “may be the best thing for black people.”

Before you go bonkers, hear him out.

In the clip above, Banner states that Trump’s victory will force Black people to become more politically aware and will spark more people to become dependent on themselves.
"Now there's no excuse," he said, adding, "As a people, we have to be prepared."

"We have to start building our own communities," he added. "It's on us. Those of us who are around me, we are not freaking out because we have been doing the work."

The 42-year-old rapper-activist also urged his fans to calm down and not get so emotional. "We got to stop reacting to them," he said. "We have to plan and then react."

"I see a lot people asking where is our leader," he added. "You are the leader. Stop looking for somebody else. It's you. The most high laid that on you."

In the end, Banner wants Black people to face the facts and do for self. "We are going to have to start moving as one," he said.

Lupe Fiasco also expressed the same message on his Twitter page.

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