This may not be something that you realize right off the bat: But some of Lupe Fiasco's fans are Donald Trump supporters, and they helped him secure a victory over Hillary Clinton.

That could be why the rapper decided to reach out to all of his fans, regardless of their political affiliation. He also wanted to give his take on why Trump won.

In Lupe's opinion, there are many around the world who are on the extreme right politically, and their movements are continuing to grow and become successful. In addition, as a Muslim-American, the Chicago rhymer said other Muslims shouldn't think that Trump's victory means the end of the world or that they'll be constantly harassed.

"This is not a local phenomenon," he tweeted. "A trend of ultra-right, anti-establishment nationalist movements are having their turn at bat globally. To all my fans who look to me for guidance in world and intellectual affairs who see Trump's victory as a loos for humanity, I offer this POV:"

"Whilst I do not believe it's all doom and gloom, I do empathize with your concerns," added Lupe. "But I will ask you [to] re-think reality of your concerns. Will some straight-up unfiltered racists feel empowered? Yes. Will that empowerment congeal into a new Nazi party checking Muslim's papers? No."

Lupe was also quick to say that his words are meant for his true fans, not those who want to debate and argue. Plus, he said the people who are upset about the election should form a game plan.

"Inform those feelings with a plan," he wrote. "A personal plan and a meaningful one. Resist trivializing. Involve yourself deeper in what you believe."

You can read the rest of Mr. Fiasco's tweets below.

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