After Kanye West allegedly slapped Daz Dillinger with a restraining order for threatening him, the Dogg Pound rhymer hits back with his diss song, “True to the Game (Part 2).”

The song, which is a slight reworking of Ice Cube’s iconic 1991 track, “True to the Game," features Daz taking West to task for his pro-Trump tweets and comments about slavery being a “choice” for black people at the time. The track also includes soundbites from President Trump’s speech praising ‘Ye and TMZ’s Van Lathan who slammed West for his remarks on TMZ Live.

“A message to the oreo cookie (Kanye) / Find a mirror and take a look G / Do you like what you see? / But you are quick to point the finger at me,” he raps, adding, “You wanna be just like Trump / But Trump is calling you a nigga, you dumb fuck.”

Daz then adds, “And you know that’s right / You ain’t white / So stop holding your ass tight / ‘Cause you can’t pass / Tryin’ to get lipo with your black ass.”

Last month, Daz issued a "Crip Alert" against West for his support of President Trump. "National alert - All the crips out there, y'all fuck Kanye up. You see that motherfucka, fuck his ass up on GP," he said.

Daz also blamed West and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner for calling the police on him during a traffic stop. In a video, the veteran producer films himself with several cops near his vehicle. “Muthafuckin’ police just stopped me...asked me about this Kanye West shit,” he said. "Look how many muthafuckin’ police it is."

Daz may want to call the Drop Squad on 'Ye. We are just saying.

Check out Daz's Kanye West diss song above. We also provided his source material below.

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