Over the past month, more artists are making headlines for dealing with unruly fans attending their shows. Run the Jewels and Action Bronson had to deal with someone interrupting their shows recently and now it's Danny Brown's turn.

The Old creator had the crowd in the palm of his hands while performing in Glasgow, Scotland recently. As he stood at the edge of the stage rapping, someone decided to throw a cup of water at him. The water landed directly on his shirt and Brown immediately threw his microphone down and stormed off the stage.

Right after, you can hear a mixture of cheers and boos coming from the crowd. Cheers presumably because the Detroit native stood up for himself by abruptly stopping the show, and boos likely because folks wanted him to continue.

The show apparently ended right there and those in attendance didn't even get one more song -- blame it on the person that chucked the drink. In fact, the rhymer only performed a few songs in total before the water was thrown at him.

Brown hasn't mentioned the incident on either his Twitter or Instagram page -- he probably wants to put the whole thing behind him. Hopefully, certain fans will learn to respect the person they paid good money to see perform and refrain from throwing anything their way.

Danny Brown will be returning to Europe this summer. He'll be playing the Dour Festival on July 15 in Dour, Belgium and in Dublin, Ireland on July 17.

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