Contrary to reports, Danny Brown is not working a new project. Several hip-hop blogs have reported that he teamed up London-based producer Paul White on a new EP called Accelerator. Well, that’s technically not true.

Danny Brown went on Twitter to clarify his involvement in the project. According to the Detroit rhymer, it’s strictly a Paul White solo project with him only contributing his vocals on it. So it’s not an EPMD or Gang Starr-type of an album as some hip-hop blogs were reporting.

"You blogs tripping bruh bruh im not releasing any new EP that's Paul White new project so u know I had to show the bruh bruh support," he tweeted.

White produced the majority of Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition, which has been hailed by many critics as one of the best hip-hop albums of 2016.

Accelerator is being described as "a fuzzed-out psych monster that defies conventions about what rap music should sound like in 2017." The collection officially hits digital stores on Feb. 10.

If you want to pre-order Paul White's album, head over to

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