Danny Brown is back with some brand new innovative visuals for fans, and he's putting a different twist on things this time for his "Ain't It Funny" music video.

The new release from the Detroit rapper was directed by actor Jonah Hill, and is set up just like all of your favorite 80s sitcoms. We see Brown in bed smoking a cigarette with a beautiful woman, before transitioning into scenes in a living room straight out of the 80s, along with a family to match.

Fans will notice cameos from some random celebrities, including Good Will Hunting and Milk director Gus Van Sant, Growing Pains actress Joanna Kerns, and Instagram celebrity Lauren Alice Avery, as Brown portrays the role of "Uncle Danny" himself.

But the visuals aren't all smiles, driving home a large point that sometimes behind the jovial exterior, there's really pain. Brown states at one point, “I’m empty inside. I’m f---ed up and everyone thinks it’s a joke…I have a serious problem. Please stop laughing.

"I'm glad you find my pain entertaining," he says before signing off with a goodbye.

The single is off of Brown's Atrocity Exhibition album, which was released last September. Watch the music video for "Ain't It Funny" above.

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