Danny Brown just released the visuals to his cut "Pneumonia," off his Atrocity Exhibition album, released in late September.

From the start of the video, you can see the Detroit spitter being held in the air by several thick chains, while he dangles, raps and looks to be in a little pain. He even falls to the pavement at one point and appears to hurt himself but it looks like the spill is just part of the story line.

Another part of the vid shows the deadlocked rhymer dressed in a jacket and tie giving a speech behind a podium, which of course is relevant due to the crazy presidential race we're seeing. This past summer, Brown sat down with BBC's Zane Lowe and talked about the "Pneumonia" single and how he contacted one particular TDE rapper for help. He also talked about who crafted the beat.

"It was actually produced by Evian Christ," said Danny. "I got the beat, and it sounded crazy to me. It just was like, it's very obnoxious. That's what I took it in, so [I said] 'What else can I do to make it more obnoxious.' I hollered at my boy Schoolboy Q and made him do adlibs for me."

In addition, the Midwest native said "Pneumonia" is actually a lighthearted song, despite the dark feel it has.

"That's just the fun song," stated Danny. "When you make an album, not every song can be a concept song. That wouldn't be me ... I gotta have some random fun somewhere."

You can check out the "Pneumonia" video here.


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