Nine-year-old Dante Hoagland is hitting the pavement fast in the entertainment industry thanks to Danny Brown. As the star of the 31-year-old rapper's "Grown Up" video, released in June, Hoagland caught viewers' attention for looking strikingly like Brown -- missing teeth, mannerisms and all. In an interview with Scion A/V, provided exclusively to The BoomBox, the rising actor reveals some secrets behind the making of the video.

After auditioning for the part of the mini Danny Brown, Hoagland scored the gig and began filming the visuals, which also included a scene where he hits the pavement face-first while riding a bike, explaining how Brown initially lost his front teeth.

"The funniest thing was when I fell off [the] bike," Hoagland says. "There was this hole inside the ground and they were picking me up by the bike like I was falling and I made that facial expression. It was funny."

He even explains what he had to do to get blood to drip from his mouth. Weird, yet intriguing.

Watch Danny Brown's "Mini Me" Dante Hoagland Discuss His Role in the Rapper's "Grown Up" Video

Watch Danny Brown's "Grown Up" Video

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