Dan Aykroyd may have to give his kid a time out. The daughter of the 'Ghostbusters' star recently pulled a comedy a stunt of her own, appearing with a crew of fellow Ivy League students in a comedy rap video entitled "P---- Breath," by rappers MCMP and Young Sheik.

Released on Valentine's day, the video stars Aykroyd's daughter Danielle alongside several other famous kids, including actress Ellen Barkin's niece Lana, Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke's daughter Lola and daughter of World Trade Center architect Daniel. It is presumed that they call themselves the Google Money Girls.

Harvard has its own porn magazine, so by that standard, the video isn't the worst thing Danielle Aykroyd could have done, but it's still pretty bad. A sample of the lyrics is as follows, "He's got a mouth full of p---- breath/ B----es listen to me/ 'Cause we's about to have a p---- fest."

Dan Aykroyd has yet to comment on his daughter's lewd video. This is not the first kin of a famous actor to take the hip-hop world by storm. Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze released his own take on Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow' last month.

Watch 'P---- Breath' -- NSFW