This summer, Method Man will add another notch on his list of acting credentials when he appears alongside actor Jonah Hill in the upcoming film 'The Sitter,' from 'Pineapple Express' director David Gordon Green.

The new stoner comedy will reportedly follow Hill -- a college dropout and babysitter -- as he takes three kids under his care, on a mission to purchase drugs for his girlfriend. According to IMDB, Method Man is set to play the character Jacolby, although there are no further details on exactly what his role will entail.

Method Man first appeared on an episode of popular '90s sitcom 'Martin' before moving on to roles in feature films such as '187' and 'Cop Land.' Some of his more memorable credits include a starring role alongside Redman in 2001's 'How High,' an appearance in 2008's 'The Wackness' and a recurring role as Calvin 'Cheese' Wagstaff on HBO's crime series, 'The Wire.' Back in October it was announced that Method Man would also appear in 'Night Tales,' an upcoming horror TV show, produced by Jamie Foxx.

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