Let's start this one out with a tip to all rappers whether super famous or up-and-coming: Do not use real, illegal firearms at your video shoots while carrying bags of marijuana in your pockets. Especially if you have multiple warrants out for your arrest, police might just be planning a sting on you. That's exactly what happened over the weekend to Dae Teezy, real name Davone O. Truitt, a rapper that's based in San Antonio and likely headed to prison.

While shooting a clip on Saturday within a drug-free school zone, the rapper's grind was shattered as he was surprised by a swarm of police. He now faces nine charges, including felony possession of a weapon, forging a government instrument, possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone, injury to a child, assault with bodily injury, evading arrest, aggravated assault of a public servant and possession of a prohibited firearm.

The weapons and drug charges arose from the weekend bust, while the rest come from a particularly bad stretch in March where Truitt ran from police, crashed into a cop car and then got accused of striking his girlfriend and injuring his infant daughter. Yikes. Actually, just a general lesson: Don't be like Dae Teezy.

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