New Orleans MC Curren$y has released his highly anticipated double album 'The Muscle Car Chronicles' Tuesday (Feb. 14).

The nine-song album, which was recorded with a live band lead by producer Sean O'Connell and featuring percussion by Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta, was executive produced by Dame Dash, and released via Dame's DD172/BluRoc Records.

'The Muscle Car Chronicles' is the soundtrack to a film of the same name, and has been released in conjunction with a bonus disc of O'Connell's music, which veers more towards the singer-songwriter lane.

The album was apparently recorded before Curren$y's 2010 'Pilot Talk' companion albums, in the "same spirit as 2009's BlakRoc collaboration with the Black Keys and features Sir Michael Rocks and Tabi Bonney.

"This album is art to me," Dash said, in a statement. "It's 100 percent independent, without compromise. It wasn't made for radio. We didn't record it for any other reason than the love of the music being made."

Check out the album via Curren$y's Bandcamp.

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