New Orleans rapper Curren$y has announced that he, fellow New Oreleans rapper Jay Electronica and Brooklyn veteran Mos Def have united to record an album together. The group formed after a chance meeting at Dame Dash's converted NYC art space and studio, DD172, which Mos calls a "24-Hour Karate School."

"Jay Electronica is from my city. He's from New Orleans. I never met homie until I stepped foot in this building," Curren$y told MTV. "He came here to meet Mos. And Mos, I had only known him for 24 hours prior to that. But genuine people could recognize [each other], it was like, 'Let's go.'"

Apparently Mos Def came up with a name for the trio, "Center Edge Territory," which Curren$y claims to be self-explanatory. "Everything! That's everything!" he said, when asked for a definition for the name.

"We all know the game is in turmoil. We know the machine messed it up," he continued. "We know we don't even need to play that game, especially with access to all of this s---. We are our own machine."
The group have allegedly already recorded six records together, despite having literally just met in the past couple of days. Dash was quick to claim credit for the group's collaboration, saying, "The funny thing, it came from just chilling ... If you're gonna be [at DD172], there's no hanging out. There's no reason to be here unless you have the ability to work or you're working."

Rap supergroups have a history of failing to release, so we'll see what happens with this, but needless to say, we're interested.