Trina and Lil wayneRumored former couple Trina and Lil Wayne are back together, but this time it's for the new track 'Currency' off her sixth album 'Amazin.' The song which also features fellow Slip 'N' Side artist Rick Ross, was recorded before Weezy headed off to prison in March to serve a one-year prison sentence for gun possession charges.

"I wish him well," she told The BoomBox. "I sent my wishes and everything for him to go through the transitions that he [has] to go through while he's away and doing his time. I don't wish that on anybody, so I know that all wishes means a lot [to him]. He has a huge camp. I know they're going to be there to give him the support and encouragement he needs to move through this, and like I said, I just wish him the best and wish he get[s] out of his situation and continue[s] back to music, where he belongs."

Working on 'Currency' was the last time the two were in touch. "It's not like a speaking thing, we don't really talk," Trina admitted. "I mean I'm working, he's working. He came to my birthday party for a little while which was nice."

Wayne is scheduled to be released in November. Trina's 'Amazin' is due in stores May 4, 2010.