Rick Ross is an unabashed lover of marijuana -- just check out his Twitter account. So, it's no surprise that he's gotten with fellow connoisseurs Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa for a 'Sativa Remix' of his recent track 'Super High.' Ross premiered the track at -- ahem -- 4:20 AM on UStream this morning (June 30) with the other collaborators in tow and enjoying some of their favorite late night illicit activities.

The beat is your typically luxurious Rick Ross joint. Flickering soul samples and cinematic strings swell over a live-sounding drum track. The original Ne-Yo chorus remains, adding another layer of smoothness to the proceedings. 'Super High' is a good look for all three rappers and shows some unity beyond the usual mainstream versus underground battles that often define the game.

All three MCs do their thing over the track. Curren$y goes with the classic female-are-a-drug metaphor before addressing some of his haters. Wiz rides on his stylish flow, while Ross plays with his new-found Illuminati accusations. "I'm getting money, no Illuminati," he raps. "My pain, never went in vain, it's all over my body." Peep the track list to Ross' 'Teflon Don' and you'll see that he's spoofing on similar concerns in a new track with Jay-Z entitled 'Free Mason.'

You can download 'Super High (Sativa Remix)' here.