In 2011, when he signed with Warner Bros., Curren$y gave the label exclusive rights to sell his music. At least that's how the rapper read the deal, and as TMZ reports, he's suing former associate Damon Dash for continuing to profit from his albums.

Dash and Curren$y worked together back in 2010, when the famed producer and former Rock-A-Fella Records co-owner released two albums by the New Orleans rhymer. After that, they failed to reach a deal, and Curren$y jumped ship to Warner.

That didn't stop Dash from hawking the MC's music, and therein lies the problem. With the lawsuit, Curren$y is seeking to stop his former associate from reaping any additional financial rewards, and on top of that, he's gunning for $1.5 million in damages.

In response, Dash says he has permission to continue selling the disputed records. He also claims that Curren$y "stabbed him in the back," as TMZ puts it, by inking a deal with the major label. A judge has yet to weigh the beef and decide whose claims are legit.

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