Chuck D and legendary soul singer Mavis Staples believe that hip-hop and young people in general need more pride. That's the overall message in their new song and video for 'Give We The Pride.' The soulful cut challenges hip-hop artists and their listeners to reach higher and do better.

"Give me some pride Lord, make me feel proud of myself / Let me walk with my head up high / Let me know that I'm fly / Instead of worrying about the clothes and the jewelry, that don't do nothing for me / Cause I got the best most beautiful proud old chocolate cocoa butter skin in the world," belts out Staples in her usual soulful manner.

From there, the Public Enemy frontman goes into the current state of hip-hop and chastises those who support subpar rap music.

"I be seeing old folks applaud nonsense that we cannot afford / Flashback now ruining some box with sex and teen pop people's hip-hop stop," he rhymes.

'Give We The Pride' is on Chuck D's new album 'The Black In Man,' which can be purchased on iTunes.