When it comes to lyrical fitness, Lecrae spends his time working out with two rappers who challenge him: Propaganda and Swoope.

Rhyming alongside these fellow wordsmiths keeps him super focused on crafting lyrics that drop like bombs. "These are incredible artists," he tells The Boombox. "They challenge me lyrically. I always try to make sure I put them on a project 'cause I know they gonna make me up my game. It's a healthy competition."

Ohio native Swoope can be heard on Lecrae's song 'Fallin' Down,' featured on his sixth album, 'Gravity,' while the Reach Records founder and Los Angeles resident Propaganda collaborated on 'Daywalkers,' which appears on the latter's 'Crimson Cord' LP.

Find out what the 'Anomaly' creator has to say about these "hungry" MCs above.

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