No more free rides for Chris Brown’s homies. After someone in his crew crashed his expensive Lamborghini Aventador last week, the R&B singer has suspended all driving privileges for his handlers (aka his weed carriers).

TMZ is reporting that Breezy went ballistic after reading the story about his $500,000 Lambo being turned into scrapheap after a member of his team wrapped it around a tree. Apparently, the driver left the scene of the accident so the police doesn’t know who was driving the vehicle.

But Brown reportedly “went off” on the guy who was occupying the car and later imposed a ban on everyone driving his vehicles. Brown reportedly has a list of seven people who are allowed to drive his fleet of luxury cars whenever they want to. But it looks like his weed carriers will have to use Uber (or Lyft) for now. And we don't blame Brown for laying down the gauntlet.

Thankfully, Brown's "friend" said that he wasn't under the influence at the time of the crash. He simply lost control of the vehicle. It's unclear if any charges have been filed in relation to the accident.

Nevertheless, it's good to see Chris Brown use his executive order to stop the foolery among his team. Speaking of executive actions, Breezy is not feeling President Trump's immigration ban as well. The singer went on his Instagram account to voice his support for Muslims and other immigrants here and abroad.

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