Chris Brown has been quiet on the music front aside from some mixtapes and guest features, but he’s not resting on laurels. On Friday (Nov. 11), Breezy went on his Instagram page and teased for new songs for his fans.

In a series of videos, Brown played a mixed of slow jams and uptempo songs that are tailor-made for the clubs and radio. In one clip, the 27-year-old singer previewed a much slower love ballad that he said is strictly for the ladies.

"Wanna start making more music for the ladies," he wrote in the caption. "Bring that real love music. Ain't always about bitches and hoes. Want to touch your soul first!"

In another video, Brown shared a song that T-Pain produced that sounds fantastic. In the two more videos, the singer played two uptempo songs that should get the clubs popping. There's no word if these songs will appear on his new album, which is tentatively called Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Either way, this is a good sign that Brown is in a creative mind state.

If you are feening for more Chris Brown, listen to his latest single, "Grass Ain't Greener," or peep him in DJ Khaled's video for "Do You Mind."

Check out Brown's new tracks below.