On Sunday, Chris Brown and Joyner Lucas announced they're releasing a new joint project, Angels & Demons, and dropped off the first single, "Stranger Things."

The first track features Chris rapping mostly, which seems like it might be a thing throughout the entire project.

"You ever heard Michael Jackson rap? Lol well me and @chrisbrown got a lot of heat in the oven. No bullshit tho, breezy mite be my new favorite rapper. You’ll see," Lucas tweeted back in January when he first revealed he was recording music with Brown.

Brown kicks off the first verse bragging: "You know I'm 'bout to take you from your man though (celebrate)/Pop up with the chopper at artificial niggas actin' like bitches, it done started up a epidemic/It don't make a difference, nigga, we winnin', I'm plenty grinnin'."

Lucas made waves last year the release of his video for "I'm Not Racist" which drew both praise and criticism—criticism because it presented a fairly simplistic view of race relations and seemed to insinuate the onus was equally on black people to resolve racial tensions. It received praise too, however, because the intention was heartfelt, and the video was well done, stylistically.

As for his new music with Brown, the video for "Stranger Things" has already been shot and is rumored to be dropping later today. In the meantime, you can take a listen to it up top.


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