Joyner Lucas is known for creating thought-provoking music with the videos to match. He posed as a crooked cop in his video for "Winter Blues," a single from his album 508-507-2209. In his latest video for his new single, "I'm Not Racist," Joyner takes on race relations, telling two very different sides of the age-old story of black vs. white.

The video opens with a white man wearing a red trucker hat that reads, "Make America Great Again," a slogan that has become synonyms with President Donald Trump. Sitting in a room, staring across the table at a young black man, the white man opens the conversation in Joyner's voice, giving every reason why white people have negative views of black people.

"With all due respect I don’t have pity for you black n----s that’s just how I feel/ Screaming Black Lives Matter but all you blacks would rather be deadbeats that pay your bills/Yelling n---- this and n---- that/ Call everybody a n---- and get a n---- mad, as soon as I say n---- then everyone react/And call me racist and wanna swing on me ’cause I ain’t black.”

The intense rant heats up when the white man gives many white supremacist excuses as to why black people are not better off in America. The entire time the black man remains quiet waiting his turn for a rebuttal.

“With all disrespect, I don’t like you white muthafuckas that’s just where I’m at. Screaming ‘All Lives Matter’ is a protest to my protest what kinda shit is that/And that’s one war you will never win, the power in the word n---- is another sin/We shouldn’t say it but we do that’s just is what it is/But that doesn’t mean that you can say it just because you’ve got n---- friends.”

The other side of the story is now told from the black man's point of view. And while they both have opposing views they acknowledge that there has been a disconnect in communication and information. By the end of the video the white man takes off his hate and open his arms and the black man embraces him in a big hug.

The entire video is intense from start to finish and it couldn't have been released at a better time. Watch the Joyner's powerful video above.

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