Chris Brown has done a commendable job thus far during the early stages of fatherhood. After he found out that he was the father of 1-year-daughter Royalty, the singer took responsibility and assumed his role as a parent. Despite all of that, his baby mama is requesting more money in child support, forcing CB to counter back and file paternity of his daughter.

According to TMZ, CB is working relentlessly to establish paternity of Royalty after his baby mama, Nia Guzman, requested that she receives up to $15,000 per month in child support. A perturbed Brown vehemently refuses to pay up and wants to keep his usual monthly payments of $2,500.

Apparently Chris headed over to Houston and filed paternity documents in hopes of establishing custody. The "New Flame" crooner hopes that he can have the judge agree on a decent number to pay in terms of child support. He is also fighting to establish clear custody guidelines so that he can see his daughter with regularity. The Grammy Award-winning entertainer claims that Nia is refusing to let him see his daughter and he wants that to change.

So far, Chris has promised to live a cleaner lifestyle in hopes of being a positive role model for Royalty. A safe and cleaner tour bus is a step in the right direction. Now, he's working adamantly to play a consistent role in her life.

The new dad isn't shy about sharing his father-daughter time with his fans. A look at his Instagram account shows him hanging with Royalty and her friends, bringing her to Disneyland and giving her driving lessons. Fatherhood looks good on you, Breezy.

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