The "best thing" in Chris Brown's life could get taken away from him.

According to TMZ, the singer may only get to have supervised visits with his daughter, Royalty. His baby's mama, Nia Guzman, is attempting to gain full custody of their daughter while citing that she doesn't think her 1-year-old child is safe around the 26-year-old entertainer.

Guzman has pointed to substance abuse issues as one reason Brown is too irresponsible to care for their daughter. Just last month, the crooner's home was robbed and his aunt was held at gunpoint while inside the residence at the time. Breezy wasn't home but the incident could help Guzman's case in her fight to keep full custody of Royalty.

Brown filed documents to establish paternity of Royalty in July, but has not received a ruling from the judge yet. Once the court gives a final answer, the X creator can fight for joint (or full if he so desires) custody.

In March, Guzman tried to get Breezy to raise the child support amount he was paying from $2,500 per month to $15,000 per month, much to his disapproval. Sources say that her latest move is a ploy to get him to shell out a higher pay in child support.

Los Angeles-based family court lawyer Scott Weston, who is not on the legal team in Brown's custody battle, offered some insight on the case and how his recent home invasion could negatively affect his fight for Royalty.

"[The court] can see this as he isn’t providing safety for this child and that it’s not in best interest for her to be there because it’s not secure. Also, that he doesn’t have enough security. The [home invasion] can certainly play a role and show that his daughter is at risk," Weston told The Boombox. "This also bolsters the mother’s need to have the child live in a gated community with full-time security and added protection so that her child is not abducted or taken for monetary purposes.

"In addition, [Guzman] could say, '[Royalty] belongs with me. He has no experience and he needs to take parenting or anger management classes.' The robbery can also bring into question whether he’s hanging out with unsavory people, whether he’s allowing those people into the house."

On Sunday (Aug. 2), Brown posted a picture of the cute toddler on Instagram and called her "the best thing in my life."

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