Following his controversial appearance on the 'Today' show, Friday (July 15), Chris Brown is back with a fourth installment of his 'Real Hip-Hop S---' series, showcasing his rhyming abilities over another 9th Wonder beat, with his homey Kevin McCall.

While 'Real Hip-Hop S--- #3' took a swipe at TMZ, this time around, Breezy sends some shots at FOX News, who criticized NBC yesterday for treating Brown "like the pope."

"Do you think I give a f--- what you think about me?/ I got my chin up, brother, walking properly," Breezy begins, addressing his haters over 9th's sample-heavy boom-bap instrumental. "F--- walkin' on egg shells, father help my please/ I'm duckin' slugs, I'm in high water so they leech/ You got the game f'd up, but it's all G."

Despite the media's repeated attempts to bait the hot-headed singer, Brown continues to forge ahead, and while his MCing may never overtake his singing and dancing skills, he improves with each attempt, spitting witty lines like, "I light a candle for the homies that's history/ You light a candle just to save electricity."

Ultimately, hip-hop provides a healthy diversion from his daily troubles, as Breezy concludes on 'Hip-Hop S--- #4,' "I choose it 'cause this music's therapeutic to my brain cells."

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