Entertainers across the board are slowly inserting themselves into 2016's political game as they begin to publicly endorse one potential presidential candidate or another. The most obvious and controversial opponent is undoubtedly Donald Trump. So when Chingy took to Twitter last week to express his alleged interest in the American-bred billionaire for president, Black Twitter went crazy when questioning the St. Louis MC's thought process. Thankfully, Chingy has a PR team that jumped on the turmoil and worked to clear up all the confusion. And if nothing else, Chingy wants one thing to be clear: "I did not endorse Trump."

In an exclusive interview with The BoomBox, Chingy explains the reasoning behind his tweets last Friday (Jan. 22) and why he'll leave the politricks to the politicians and their followers moving forward.

"I think the whole tweet was taken way out of context. Way out of context," says Chingy on a late Monday evening.

McKynzie, Amber
McKynzie, Amber

"Earlier that day I read an article of some good things that [Trump] had said. I wasn’t aware of the negative statements that he [has] made. I wasn’t aware of any of that. I just made some comments on the good things that I heard, and I didn’t say that I ever endorsed him. Everybody took it and tried to make it this really big thing when they really shouldn’t have."

While the "Right Thurr" rapper has expressed high levels of frustration with the media backlash received by his social media endeavors, he's glad his tweets help put the spotlight on him so that he could let fans knows what efforts he was taking to help the community in Flint, MI get back on their feet — as far as clean water is concerned.

"With all that [negative] attention and everything, I want to project our minds to something that’s very important: I think people need to spend more time worrying about this Flint, Michigan situation and this water being poisoned and helping those folks instead of trying to belittle me for this little [Trump] comment that really shouldn’t have gained all that energy."

Chingy continues, "You have people in Flint, MI that need water. I’m trying to team up with Deluxe Magazine – getting a Uhaul, filling it with water and driving it down there to those people so we can help them. I think we need to focus more on that instead of belittling Chingy because he read something about somebody and some good they were trying to do for the family in the U.S. I never said I endorsed anybody. I just spoke my mind on some good things I heard."

With his focus now shifted to Flint, MI, Chingy recently released a video highlighting his water donation to the Tri-City area.

Aside from his PSA, Chingy wants people to understand just how passionate he is about helping clear out Flint's poisoned water situation.

"I want to shout out Flint, Michigan because a lot of people from there had seen what I was gonna do to support and help the people down there and they thank me, and I really appreciate that. That means more to me that these people are aware...you have me helping these people and they appreciate that. So good came out of this. All that other stuff, they can go ’head on with that. I’m a good person. I honestly believe, this whole situation at the end of the day, to me it wasn’t about the comment – this has been happening for years. People like to throw dirt on my character. They try to find something because there’s nothing out there negative on me so they make up stuff. It is what it is, but let’s shift our focus to something really important and that’s Flint, Michigan."

As Chingy's made it perfectly clear that he won't be inserting himself into any more political situations, he wants fans to know they can hear his views on the country's current events because yes, he does have an album called The Purge coming soon!