Childish Gambino’s new video for “This Is America” pushes the boundaries and then some. The visual, directed by his Atlanta collaborator Hiro Murai, is a violent yet captivating political statement by Gambino (aka Donald Glover).

In the clip, a shirtless Gambino is dancing in a warehouse and then suddenly pulls out a gun and shoots a man in the head. It’s jarring to say the least and it will certainly raise eyebrows.

Gambino continues on with his dancing until he is joined by a gospel choir. After they sing their spiritual chorus, Gambino guns them all down. The rest of the video moves in the same chaotic way. As Gambino continues to flex for the camera, there's an angry mob, police cars and mayhem behind him. The video ends with Gambino frantically running away from a pursuing angry mob.

"This is America” is the first new song from Gambino since his Grammy-nominated project Awaken, My Love! was released in 2016. So there is a possibility that a new album is on the horizon from the 34-year-old rapper. The song itself is funky and tribalistic at the same time.

Recently, Gambino announced that he's launching a new tour in the fall with Vince Staples. The trek kicks off Sept. 6 in Atlanta and wraps up Oct. 12 in Nashville.

If you love Childish Gambino's new song, you can stream and download it here.

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