Add Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to the list of rock stars who have nasty things to say about Kanye West.

In the midst of the press run for his band's new EP Bad Witch, Reznor chatted with U.K. publication The Guardian about West's new album Ye, President Donald Trump, and Childish Gambino's politically charged "This Is America" music video.

“How many Kanye West thinkpieces have The Guardian done in the last fucking month? The guy’s lost his fucking mind: that’s the thinkpiece. His record sucked, and that’s it. He has made great shit; he’s not in a great place right now.”

“There’s plenty of birthday cake, Migos being a great example — there’s nothing wrong with that. But isn’t there anything else? There are times I don’t mind being reminded of excellence.”

Reznor also had some harsh words for Trump, saying that artists have a responsibility to speak their mind on certain sociopolitical issues. The band's frontman called Trump's presidency "concerning and infuriating," adding that "the disregard for decency and truth and civility is what’s really disheartening."

Earlier this week, several entertainers including some of hip-hop's finest spoke out against the Trump Administration's zero-tolerance border policy, which separated and detained young children from their parents who entered the U.S. illegally. Yesterday (June 20) President Trump issued an executive order to stop future separations, but said no extraordinary efforts would be made to help return the over 2,000 children already separated from their families.

Rock Stars Who Said Tragically Dumb Things About Hip-Hop

Rock Stars Who Said Tragically Stupid Things About Hip-Hop

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