Kanye West has been everyone’s favorite punching bag on social media. So naturally, Saturday Night Live had to poke fun at West for his absurdity this past week. Along with host Donald Glover, SNL spoofed Yeezy with their hilarious A Quiet Place parody.

In the sketch, dubbed "A Kanye Place," Glover and SNL cast members play a crew lost in a corn field as they try to stay quiet so the monsters couldn't hear them. But when Glover starts reading West’s obnoxious tweets, including the one about him supporting Donald Trump, not of them can keep quiet.

When Glover plays West's trolling song "Lift Yourself," one of the crew members is flabbergasted that he actually rapped "poopity scoop." The highlight of the sketch comes when Glover reads a news report about West's infamous interview on TMZ where he said that slavery was a "choice." This sends another person in a fit of rage and he gets eaten by a monster.

At the end, West's TMZ Live appearance where he revealed that he got liposuction (50 Cent loves that part) is being played in the background as Glover dances to "Lift Yourself."

We won't reveal what happens to him, but it's a clever parody by the SNL and Glover.

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