Don’t push Childish Gambino because he’s close to the edge. The actor-turned-rapper is sitting on a ledge for the cover of Complex magazine’s 2014 February/March issue.

Since 2011, the 30-year-old Georgia native has been working hard to prove that he is indeed a legitimate rapper. Last year, his ferocious freestyle over Drake’s 'Pound Cake' on the 'Sway in the Morning' radio show offered a good look at his lyrical abilities.

In the Complex interview, Gambino, also known as actor Donald Glover, talks about his transition from actor to rapper and the complexities of life itself.

He also explains his infamous meltdown on Instagram where he shared notes of his deep personal fears. Fans worried that he was losing his mind. That’s not the case.

“Everybody has the same fears. If my letters did anything, they proved that everyone kinda feels the same way. I’m not special," he tells the magazine. "You have to be real with yourself. No one is doing that. People are too concerned with making everything look nice and calm and pretty."

Elsewhere in the interview, Gambino explains the meaning behind his latest effort, 'Because the Internet,' which has appeared on several critics' year-end list for 2013.

"I want to show how the Internet affects our lives,” he says of the album title. “As much as everyone can find someone on the Internet now, we still feel lost. I still feel very empty. It makes me feel more lost because nothing that I do is that different. Nothing is cool. We’re kind of alone in the universe. Like those Instagram notes I shared. We all feel these things, but nobody’s figured out how to solve them."

Since the release of 'Because the Internet,' Gambino is eager to reach a wider audience with his upcoming Deep Web tour.

"My music is for everybody," he says. “It’s stuff I like, but it’s also accessible. I don’t want to be preaching to the choir. You see a lot of these conscious rappers doing that. They’re not gaining new fans, they’re just agreeing with people. I want to reach as many people as I possibly can."

Complex’s 2014 February/March issue will arrive on newsstands next week.