The Season 3 premiere of Power is just weeks away. From Tasha, Angela and Ghost's twisted love triangle to Tommy's stirring need for revenge, fans are ready for the return to STARZ July 17. But for those who can't wait to indulge their Power fix, we're giving you an exclusive look at Omari Hardwick (James "Ghost" St. Patrick) and Joseph Sikora (Tommy Egan) breakdown their on-camera relationship (from Power's second season, now available on Blu-ray and DVD.)

If you don't know by now, Tommy Egan is the ultimate ride-or-die friend - and business partner - everybody needs. "Tommy is [Ghost's] right hand man," says Hardwick referencing Sikora's character. "Tommy is the action guy. Tommy will pull the trigger. Tommy will do what needs to be done. In the drug world, there's someone who always has to do the dirty work, and that's Tommy."

"You and me can't afford to get distracted. We gotta keep our heads in the game," Tommy told Ghost towards the end of Season 2. Unfortunately, that mindset didn't pan out as planned. In fact, the two end the season deciding to break ties and go their separate ways. But does that really last?

Check out STARZ' new Season 3 trailer below, and catch up on all things Power before Sunday, July 17. Season 2 is available now at all major retailers. So get ready to choose your sides, and ride with #TeamAngela, #TeamTasha, #TeamTommy or #TeamGhost through the streets of New York City: it's a big rich town!


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