It's always exciting when an older respected artist collaborates with a newly respected artist. Fans usually get a best-of-both-worlds kind of song. The latest rappers to pull this off is Buckshot, and Pro Era's Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly on the song 'Flute,' produced by P-Money. The cut is for BDI and P's album 'BackPack Travels,' and all three lyricists go in over, you guessed it, a melodic flute sample.

"Run-DMC and shell-top Adidas / Both on fire, I couldn't afford neither / On Easter my three-piece-suit / That I wore 24 they said at least he cute / Mom's had a hell of a way and pops up in heaven today, my combination / Made me sell conversation / I couldn't sell crack no time for wasting," spits the Boot Camp leader.

However, Joey chooses not to walk down memory lane and spits a verse consisting of battle raps and a shout out to his late father.

"It's the element of fire / Oh man I've been running this s--- 'fore I was a grown man / But I owe a part of it word to my old man / I'm gonna see you again when I get back to the homeland," he raps.

And CJ Fly's impressive verse about hustling while rapping gives the cut variety, in terms of flow and subject matter.

In addition, director Guy Blelloch uses various parts of Brooklyn for the backdrop for the 'Flute' video, including neighborhoods like Eastern Parkway. He also shoots a scene on the Brooklyn Bridge, and uses the effect of buildings crumbling throughout.

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