Cash Money affiliated Miami rapper Brisco hasn't let his recent robbery get him down. Though footage hit the net of the Opa-Locka native being forced at gunpoint to lie face-down in a local barbershop, where he was relieved of $35,000 worth of jewelry and the keys to his Range Rover, the incident has only worked to inspire the rapper.

"I'm still alive, you know that street medicine is going to be good," he said. "I'm still good. I'll get bigger jewelry and still go hard. It's great material for my next album."

While it has been reported that Brisco was pistol-whipped during the robbery, he has been quick to deny that he was physically harmed. "Contrary to some reports, I was not assaulted in the robbery that took place..." Brisco stated. "It was a random robbery of a barbershop I was in and it really is just a case of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Brisco also made an effort to let it be known that he is hardly concerned about being targeted by local thugs. "I still rep the streets of Miami, still rep the streets of Dade County hard and international," he said, defiantly.

The four thieves still remain at large. Rappers needing edge-ups, leave your chains at home.

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