A couple of weeks ago, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight in San Francisco. No chains were stolen, but 2 Chainz did lose his wallet, which included credit cards and his driver’s license.

And now of course, one of the possible perps has posted both a credit card and the license onto Instagram. If we had to guess, "lilg04" is probably a person of interest now if the police are still investigating this case. (the account is now inactive).

And what exactly did "lilg04" get for posting this picture? It’s not like anybody is going to give him even a cookie for his effort. So now he gets a giant target on his back as police and 2 Chainz’s homies will eventually use his identity to track him down. Was the public embarrassment even worth it in this case? 2 Chainz was beyond embarrassed after surveillance footage of the robbery showed him tripping over his own feet on the sidewalk, lucky to make it out alive. Who knew the cost of icing on the cake was worth freedom?

Add this to the never ending list of examples about why being "WorldStar famous" is not the move.


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