If you couldn't tell from the telecast of the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards last night (Oct. 14), it really can turn into one big party.

Since partying can continue after the clubs and into the bedroom, XXL's Torae took to the green carpet before the show began to ask some hip-hop favorites who they thought they'd be waking up next to after the big awards night.

Dillion Cooper thinks he'll be waking up next to "a biddy with the biggest booty ever, a peach booty."

Meanwhile, Astro has his sights on Keke Palmer. Despite his dreams, he's actually in the ATL to shoot a TV show so he wouldn't be sleeping in a hotel room anyway.

Snow tha Product keeps things real by admitting she'll be sleeping next to her pillow. "I know, I'm so boring," the California rapper states. "But I did hear about Atlanta strip clubs, and that is where we're going tonight."

Loaded Lux follows the same vein as Snow and says he'd be waking up next to nothing but his notebook. Chevy Woods and DJ Scream share that if their baes came to the show, they'd be the one right by their side. DJ Holiday would also be waking up to his pregnant lady, who's due on Oct. 14, which was when the award show aired.

And of course Bobby Shmurda keeps things real by saying, "To be honest, I kick the shorty out at night so I'm gonna be with the homies."

Yung Joc joked about sleeping in money and the laughs kept coming when Kevin Gates had his chance to reveal his guest: a race horse. "I"m gonna have the perfect night because after I leave here, I'm gonna get me a big old bed," the Louisiana rapper said with a straight face.

But things got a bit more serious when Kevin was asked about what new projects he's working on. "I'm just going to continue to make great music," he said. "They may like it right now but who's to say they'll like it tomorrow."

One thing that people saw at this year's Hip Hop Awards was a growing female presence. From Detroit Che and Remy Ma in the cyphers to the special performance featuring Brandy, Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo and MC Lyte, the ladies had their chance to be heard. However, Lyte still feels that female MCs are a minority. "I don't think it's enough on the front line," she explained. "And when you take into consideration how many African-American women exist, we need someone who reflects us out there. And I don't think all of the means are being met."

To fix that, the rapper says fans need to step up. "I think it's up to us as lovers of hip-hop music to say we appreciate this female MC. And so what will happen is we'll get more acknowledgement for different types of female MCs."

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