Producer Black Milk has come a long way from working under the late and great studio maestro J Dilla. The Detroit native reflects on his grind in the minimalist video for 'What It's Worth.'

Shot by King David, the video is simplistic but drives home the point that Black Milk is always thinking about his next move. We see the hitmaker sitting alone in a dimly-lit room pondering his career choices and future endeavors.

In an e-mail to Complex, the 31-year-old producer explains his thought process behind the clip.

"Everyone asks themselves this question at one point or another about life in general: What does it all mean? Some people have the answers, some don't," writes Milk. "This song represents me figuring out the value of everything I've accomplished and the things I still want to accomplish in this lifetime."

Check out his video and nod your head to the soulful production and introspective rhymes of Black Milk.