It's hard to imagine, but Black Milk just keeps getting better. The Detroit MC/producer seems to top himself with each album and he'll look to do it again with the release of 'If There's a Hell Below' due out on Oct. 28th. The albums boasts some impressive guests with the likes of Pete Rock, Blu, Sean Price and Guilty Simpson appearing on the project. The album's third single, 'Gold Piece', features another guest as the legendary Bun B of UGK joins the Detroit native on the track.

Black Milk explains that the song is a "story about how the only role models for young guys in the hood are the older guys that hustle on their blocks. They're often the only example of what young guys see themselves becoming once they're older, and the cycle continues for generations to come."

It's a fitting concept for the Trill O.G. Bun B to participate in as Black Milk concocts an extra soulful production for their respective sides of the tale to unfold. Black Milk rhymes about the harsh realities of growing up with limited options in your life and the choices one has to make. Bun B comes in with the perspective of a hardened street vet relaying the consequences of those decisions.

Bun raps, "So this is what it comes down to, you in the center with gladiators around you / Can't identify the body how they found you, it's 'gon take more than a stone pipe and some hounds too / And a Doctor Watson when I hit you a-- with some hot courtesy of the shotgun / Real n---a, you not one, trill n----s, you got none / Leave your insides on the floor, now you outdone / Son, I'ma tell you like yo daddy would / Don't play around with this boy whipping caddy wood / Don't try your luck, if I roll through duck / Cause there's shells on sales, more bang for the buck / F--k, no talk, I want war with you / N---a say he want beef, let's have a barbecue / And I'ma give him a two piece and a biscuit / Put the ox to his cell and cook his a-- to a brisket, b---h."

You can pre-order Black Milk's much anticipated 'If There's a Hell Below' right now via iTunes and Bandcamp.

Listen to Black Milk's 'Gold Piece' featuring Bun B