The lead double-single from his upcoming album, 'No Poison No Paradise' (due Oct. 15) and one of the most acclaimed releases of the year so far, Black Milk's 'Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst' receives the raw and powerful visual makeover it required.

Directed by Gerard Victor, the short film centers around a seemingly typical young boy whose biggest sin is that he'd rather play Nintendo than attend Church. Fast forward a decade and some change and this God-fearing kid has succumbed to the street life; faith is now replaced with deep desperation and the Bible has been traded for a Beretta.

The video then focuses on a second black male -- one who isn't without his own problems and baby momma drama -- who's hoping to get lucky on a night out. But upon stumbling out the club with a shortie by his side, he finds himself the latest victim of this vast and vicious cycle.

The saddest part of all: this story isn't just limited to the screen from which you're watching.