Random Axe is back as the trio of Black Milk, Sean Price and Guilty Simpson reunite on the new single, 'Scum.' The track is off Black Milk's upcoming album, 'If There's A Hell Below.'

The group unleashes the vicious rhymes fans have come to expect on a diverse beat crafted by Black Milk. The song starts off with a slow-burning instrumental, which provides the background to Black Milk's rhymes on the harsh realities of growing up in Detroit.

"Random, random, push till they fall back / Grabbing a ball bat while I'm grabbing the hard hat / Hard act to follow, we the hard pill to swallow / You cotton that sit in the aspirin bottle / Random Axe smash the throttle / Grew up where it's ice cold / Where n----s gamble with their life like dice roll / This ain't a light show, but you see them red and blues flashing on the screen, channel seven news / Where those little dudes reach for rugers / Never surf the Internet, never own computers / You know the name, don't know the face, then he the mover / Whoever's the quietest in the room, then he the shooter," Black Milk raps.

The beat then switches up to a more traditional boom bap style as Sean Price comes in with his rugged bars. Black Milk flips the script yet again as the production evolves into a more futuristic sound reminiscent of his work on 2008's 'Tronic.' This portion serves as the playground for Guilty Simpson as he declares, "Once again, it's Mr. I am not your friend."

The song is truly a testament to Black Milk's work ethic and creativity as he easily could've turned this into three standalone tracks, but instead crafted one truly unique record.

Black Milk's 'If There's A Hell Below' is scheduled to drop on Oct. 28, and is available for pre-order now on his official Bandcamp page.

Listen to Black Milk's 'Scum' Feat. Random Axe

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