'Perfected On Puritan Ave.' is the nostalgic, jazzy lead single off Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk's upcoming full-length album, 'No Poison, No Paradise.'

The track's title refers to a street on the west side of Detroit and just might be a direct nod to Black Milk's former stomping grounds. Adding weight to that thought is the fact he reminisces on his younger days, when he and his crew shared hoop dreams as their way of making it big one day. The rap game, he spits, was his fallback plan.

Later on, Black Milk mentions that you never realize you're from the ghetto until you get a little older, which truly gives 'Perfected On Puritan Ave.' that feeling looking-back-while-looking-forward feeling. It's a mellow cut, for sure, but it receives a jolt when it bursts into a jazzy low-key jam session.

The track will land on 'No Poison, No Paradise,' which drops Oct. 15, and you can hear it below. Beneath that, you can peep the album artwork.

[via Pitchfork]