Dealing with tweens is hard to do. On this week's black-ish Bow and Dre cope with the twins growing up and encountering traditional rites of passage.

While basking in all of DeVonte's cuteness and all the firsts he and Bow will get to experience with a new baby - first smile, first words, first steps - Dre realizes that he's forgetting about the last experiences parents have with their older children: "the last time you'll need to sign your daughter's permission slip, the last time your son wants to cuddle with you in bed, and the last time you can fool your soon with a fake heart attack."

Junior can't help Dre deal with all of his last moments, but he does suggest that his father take an Aspirin once a day.

Dre has a tendency to fake "heart cramps" whenever he needs to get out of trouble or things aren't going his way. He conveniently has heart cramps while playing Junior one-on-one is basketball, so he's forced to face a rematch.

Dre discusses the significance of not letting Junior beat him in basketball with his co-workers. His boss Stevens tells him to absolutely not let his son beat him. So Dre talks to Pops about his situation, and decides to execute psychological warfare to win his rematch. Dre shows Junior a slideshow of old photos of them together over the years to try and get inside his head. Unfortunately, the plan didn't work, and Junior showed up to the rematch ready for war.

Junior goes to town on Dre - beating him 7 - 4 - while Meek Mill's "I'm a Boss" plays in the background. (#FreeMeekMill). Surprisingly, Dre doesn't cry his eyes out or throw a tantrum after losing to Junior. In fact, he congratulates hims and tells him he's proud to see him becoming a man. Pops watches the entire scene unfold and whispers to Dre, "Psychological warfare."

(Did anyone peep how ill Dre's closet was?)

Meanwhile, Diane is acting more erratic, more dangerous and more threatening than usual. At one point, Bow and Dre are talking in the kitchen, and Diane comes in screaming, "If we don't get Chipotle tonight, I swear to God I'm gonna burn the house down."

Bow turns to Dre and cynically responds, saying, "She has threatened to burn this house down before but this time I think she wants us inside it." Then, she and Dre savor over what a great idea it is to eat Chipotle for dinner.

No one understands why Diane is acting so irritable. That changes when Bow picks Diane up from school and she's wearing gym sweats instead of her usual uniformed skirt. Diane's teacher is telling Bow what's going on, and here comes Diane screaming, "Ain't nobody got time for you to make a friend Rainbow!"

Bow tells her hippie mom, Alicia, that Diane got her first period, and Alicia decides to get on the first flight available to be there for her granddaughter. After Alicia arrives, Ruby appears, and Bow, her mother and stepmother discuss the best way to tell Diane she's growing up. Diane hears the conversation and tells everyone she's got this on lock. "We learned about the menstrual cycle in health class, I have the flow app, I'm a fierce goddess and i know how to snatch a man's check (something she learned from Ruby)."

Jack calls Zoey for backup because he doesn't know how to deal with Diane's new monthly persona. Zoey gets to the bottom of things and shares the story of getting her first period. Bow hears the conversation and joins, telling her most embarrassing period moment. Then, Alicia and Ruby barge in the room and tell stories of their own.

Speaking of Jack, he's freaking out because Diane is growing faster than him. He starts wearing leg weights around the house while attempting to do pull-ups in the bathroom. Pops sees him and asks him to keep it real with what's going on with him. Jack explains his fears, but Pops assures him he'll catch up to the girls and grow one day. Then he tells Jack he needs deodorant. In Jack's mind, he's finally becoming a man - and he lets his smell linger for everyone!

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