This week's episode of Black-ish covered two of America's pastimes: family game night and greed.

Dre is searching for the perfect game to entertain the Johnsons for family game night. Out of a literal closet full of options including favorites like Trouble and Candy Land, Dre picks Monopoly because "aside from Chess and Checkers, it's the most popular game on Earth."

Dre narrates the importance of "teaming up" to win, so he and Bow get together, the twins parter up, as do Ruby and Pops (they never play without each other) and Junior brings pairs with his girlfriend Meagan. As usual, Bow is completely unimpressed with Meagan. Meagan tries to explain the way her family plays Monopoly, but Bow shuts her down and Dre informs her that they're not playing regular Monopoly; they're playing "Black Monopoly" - so the rules are different. Bow reiterates the significance of Black Monopoly, and why she and Junior won't win game night: because they are "an established partnership, not some high school fling."

The games begin, and Meagan gets over-excited and awkwardly breaks out a little island patois. After the family's collective side-eye, she quickly apologizes and blames it on her family's recent trip to a Sandals resort in the Caribbean. The family is in a time of war, and Bow and Meagan are going head-to-head for Junior's allegiance. Moments later, Bow temporarily steps away from the board and Dre feels empowered after making a few choice moves without her. Convinced Bow's just holding him back, he offers to pay the twins to add their mother to their team so he can thrive alone. Diane agrees as long as Dre promises he and Bow won't have anymore kids.

As far as the twins, Diane is the brains and Jack (who is "never gonna make it," according to Dre) is the hands of the game. He's never supposed to make a move without her, and we see why. Diane walks away from the game to use the bathroom, and tells Jack not to make any trades or make any moves until she gets back. Of course he doesn't listen. Fueled by power and greed, Dre takes advantage of little Jack and convinces him to make a horrible property trade. Diane returns, and she's not happy. She sees the her father, then sees the board, and screams, "What have you done?"

Dre transforms into a money-hungry monster, and starts monopolizing the game (as he should). Diane calls Dre "Donald Trump" for his money-grubbing approach to properties. But the better Dre did, the more players opted to separate themselves from him. Thus, he was left with his money, his property and absolutely no friends—which Diane reminds him is also similar to Donald Trump. Dre tries to fight his new image, but once he loses everything and watches "the poor" band together he realizes, "I am Donald Trump!"

And when it comes to game night, Dre hates to lose. He typically winds up flipping a game board or a table and throwing a grown man tantrum in the middle of the room. And when he does, he has to pay each player an actual $100. So Junior, Pops and Ruby help Bow, Jack and Diane beat Dre for a shot at easy money.
Of course, they win, and Dre loses his mind.
Enjoying a drink together later, Ruby and Pops discuss their impeccable game strategy—and Pops realizes he might still have a for his the mother of his children.
Watch the Trailer for black-ish Season Four, Episode Four:

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