This week's episode of Black-ish tackled aging—and adolescent crushes. Ruby and Diane took center stage.

Ruby comes home while Bow is slaving in the kitchen and Dre is basking in the deliciousness of her labor. She tells Dre she received phone call from someone asking from ransom money because they kidnapped Junior. Instructed not to inform Junior's parents about the situation, Ruby decides to go to the bank and take care of things herself. So, she goes to the bank to wire the kidnappers some money, and provides all of her email passwords and a few bank statements. But Junior has been standing in the living room the entire time.

Dre is concerned about Ruby's state of mind because she's usually the one doing the scamming, not the one being scammed. Bow reminds Dre that Ruby is getting older, and perhaps her mind's not as sharp as it used to be. In utter disbelief that his mother could actually be "getting older," Dre then reminds Bow that it was Ruby who scammed her parents out of money not too long ago.

Dre confronts Ruby while she's on her way out for the night, and asks her if she's feeling alright. (He actually asked her if she knew who the president was, but when she didn't understand what he was asking or why, he moved on.) She says she's fine, but as she starts the car to reverse, she drives forward, right into the garage. Accepting something is clearly wrong with his mother, Dre buys her a new, safe car to drive. He tells Ruby the car is in her name and completely paid off. Once Ruby verifies that information, she tells Dre, "I didn't scam you, I played you," as she admits her "lost mind" was just another one of her tricks. (That's a cold world, Ruby.)

Meanwhile, Zoey is prepping for college, and invited Aaron, (who she met during Frosh Weekend last season—remember?) named Aaron to crash at her house for a few days while he visits town for a music festival. Bow acts cool with their temporary houseguest, but inside she's clearly screaming inside. Junior sees Aaron and Zoey coming in and out of the house and asks Bow, "Do you think she's active?" Playing on Bow's worst fears, Junior informs Bow that going to college these days is like going to "one, big Juicy J music video."

To Zoey, Aaron is just a friend; but to Diane, he's her future husband and absolute first crush. Jack watches as Diane's girly side surfaces, and steps in to let her know she doesn't have a chance with Aaron - and for one reason only: Zoey. Diane's assertive persona snaps back into play, and she tells Jack Zoey doesn't have anything on her. (Don't you just love Diane?)

Though Jack didn't think Diane realized what she was getting herself into, he later encourages his twin's love interest once he witnesses Diane and Aaron finish each other's sentences (which was really just Diane reciting a typical phrase used for goodbye and Aaron delivering the standard response). That's when Diane takes the time to tell Jack that she's "undeniable." But Diane gets frustrated with the amount of time Aaron and Zoey are spending together, and decides to confront them both.

Diane tells Aaron she's a 10 and Zoey's a..."well, whatever." She demands that he choose which sister he wants, but Aaron and Zoey are completely confused. To help decision process along, Diane says, "I don't have time to play games, I have to practice my violin!" (Here, we must applaud Diane for diligence and dedication to practicing her craft.)

Zoey interrupts and tells Diane about all of the horrible qualities Aaron has to deter her crush, which actually helps because Diane responds by saying, "Sorry, Aaron. I don't do projects." And just when Zoey thought things couldn't any more weird, Ruby comes into the room and gives Aaron the same line Diane did: "You have to choose." She then tries to persuade his choice by telling him she's got a new car and a private room. Knowing that might be a tough act to beat, Zoey looks at Aaron and mimics her sister and grandmother. When he responds by saying, "I should have just stayed at an Air BnB," Ruby tells Zoey to let him go because he's too soft.

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