The Black Eyed Peas' Taboo is set to celebrate his new-found sobriety with a symbolic haircut -- his first in 22 years!

The 36-year-old rapper is chopping off his signature long locks to show he is a "new man" since overcoming his addictions to drugs and alcohol.

In a series of posts to his Twitter page Taboo wrote, "I will be doing something ... that I haven't done in 22 years ... Cut my hair off it's time to go son!!! It's time for a new me!!"

Taboo, who was arrested in 2007, and slapped with a DUI, has spoken openly about his battles with substance abuse, revealing his habits were a source of tension for the Peas in the past.

"The long-hair scary guy 2003-2007 doesn't live here anymore he left along with the drugs and alcohol, out with the old in with the new," he tweeted.

Taboo, born Jaime Luis Gomez, continued, "The long hair represented a time period for many years now it's really time to get to new chapter and look I'm 36 now it's time for change." "I like showing my face now before I always wore hair down and dark glasses to hide the drugs I was on ... Not me any more, I'm a new man," the turned-around Taboo stated.

Taboo has been clean and sober for the past four years and wants a makeover to match! He trimmed his trademark tresses, which he admits he used to "hide" behind while high, yesterday (July 19).

Taboo's big news follows another big announcement from the Peas' camp. The group, which has just wrapped a world tour, will now go on an extended, supposedly non-breakup, "hiatus."

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