Vanilla Ice has finally found a job that's just the right fit – construction. As CBS reports, the "Ice, Ice Baby" rapper will appear on the upcoming DIY Network show "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish."

The premise of the show? Van Winkle gets his manual labor on, building stuff for the god-fearing people of an Amish society. You can probably expect the hip-hopper putting a glossy finish on some hand-made end tables. Heck, he might even frame a house or two. [CBS News]

In other Hip-Hop News ... Admits Stealing: The Black Eyed Peas mastermind has confessed to using an unlicensed sample on his new song "Let Go." The rapper did not get written permission to use the original track "Rebound," from producers Arty and Mat Zo. So he used it anyway. [NME]

Gucci Mane in Need of Therapy: The Southern Trap rapper keeps winding up in jail. He was booked last month for assault, and upon release in April, was arrested again for a parole violation. Will Gucci ever get it straight? Nicki Minaj think her troubled friend is in need of a hip-hop intervention. Someone call Iyanla! [Rapfix]

Killer Mike Gets Political: The conscious rapper thinks people need to take a closer look at how the Democratic Party affects the black community. "You deserve some reciprocity for loyalty given to this party for the last 50 years. You deserve more than pictures of Robert Kennedy and Dr. King on your wall," he says while insinuating that the Republican Party might be an option in the future. [HipHop DX]


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