Authorities in Charlotte, N.C. have charged Blac Youngsta and three accomplices with six counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied dwelling/moving vehicle and one felony count of conspiracy for the Feb. 25 shooting of Young Dolph's vehicle. Blac Youngsta (whose real name is Sammie Benson), Fredrick Black and Antavius Gardner turned themselves into police on Tuesday (May 16) after warrants were issued for their arrests, according to WBTV.com.

According to sources, police also found a blue minivan rental used in the shooting with bullet holes and several guns inside. Investigators initially believed the shooting was a planned ambush attack and are investigating whether a rapper is linked to the shooting.

Also, reports have surfaced that Blac Youngsta has bailed out of jail, but there hasn't been an official confirmation of that information.

Meanwhile, XXL is reporting that Youngsta’s team claims lyrics from Dolph’s Bulletproof mixtape was the cause of Charlotte police issuing the arrest warrants. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old rapper "maintains [his] innocence and [has] no involvement with the incident.”

Check out Blac Youngsta's tweets before his arrest below.

Original Story:

Blac Youngsta, an affiliate of Yo Gotti’s CMG label, surrendered to police in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday (May 16). The Memphis rapper and two other men turned themselves in for questioning over the targeted shooting of Young Dolph.

If you recall, Dolph’s SUV was shot up multiple times outside of an apartment complex in Charlotte in February. According to police, 100 rounds were fired into the vehicle, which was bulletproof. There hasn’t been an official confirmation of Dolph actually being inside the SUV during the shooting. However, the “Get Paid” rapper bragged about the entire incident on his latest mixtape, Bulletproof.

Dolph told TMZ that he felt Blac Youngsta was targeting him because he was jealous of his success. He also added that his $300,000 bulletproof SUV was the best investment he ever made.

There’s no word if Blac Youngsta and his accomplices are being charged with anything. This is a heavy blow to the CMG family as Blac Youngsta was slowly making a name for himself in the rap game.

Reps for Young Dolph had no comment on the matter.

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