We all know that Birdman loves to get tattoos. Recently, the Cash Money CEO added another piece of ink to pay homage to his crew and the hottest Atlanta rapper in the game.

Baby, who showed off his latest ink work on Instagram, got a face tattoo that reads "RG" to signify his new management team Rich Gang. He then got a finger tattoo with the letters "C-M-Y-M-Y-S-L" -- an acronym for Young Money Cash Money Stoner Life.

So does this mean that Young Thug and Cash Money are officially a team?

The 'Danny Glover' rapper has denied such a partnership exists in our exclusive interview. So what’s up with the tattoos? According to XXLMAG, Birdman is reportedly managing the young rhymer despite the fact he's contractually signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad label.

Either way, we're still amazed that Birdman has any room to get more tattoos on his already heavily-tattooed body.

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