If you are still seething over the fact that Beyonce’s Lemonade didn’t win the coveted Album of the Year honor at the 2017 Grammy Awards, you can vent your frustrations with a new web video game.

The video game is called Lemonade Rage and it allows players to smash cars, haters and illuminati conspiracists with Queen Bey’s baseball bat Hot Sauce. If you recall, Beyonce used Hot Sauce on windows and cars in her fiery video for “Hold Up.”

The game start off funny with the premise of "someone stealing Beyonce's lemons and now she's wildin'! Help her score enough lemons to make Lemonade."

Game developers Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Line Johnsen and Colby Spear created the fun online game, which also features an 8-bit soundtrack produced by 8 Bit Universe.

"When we first saw Beyonce’s whole Lemonade video we were blown away, especially by the 'Hold Up' video," the team of developers told Pigeons & Planes. "The more we thought about the video, we started to realize how it could make for a pretty sick video game."

You can play the Lemonade Rage game now for free at lemonade-rage.com. You'll have hours of fun playing the game, so go forth and slay!

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