The New York chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists is awarding Beyonce the first-place prize in arts and entertainment in its magazine category, for "Eat, Play, Love," a story she wrote for Essence magazine back in July, 2011. Now we know how Solange feels. [Billboard]

Know who's cool? Kanye's cool. And he's going to make Justin Bieber cool, too. So he can start a fashion line, and date a reality TV star. "Basically he was just talking about going out the box and doing things that are different, but making it cool," Biebs explained, of the pointers 'Ye recently gave him. "He's like, 'I wanna just make you cool.' He wants to do records that people wouldn't necessarily think that I would do. Kanye's a really smart guy." Awesome bros!!! [MTV]

Chris Brown and designer Ron English have launched a new toy line called Dum English. "Hands down right now my guy is Ron English," Breezy, a self-described artist in his own right, said. "Ron has to be the more creative, 'out there' artist I see. His work is so precise but at the same time so unorthodox." Whatever you say, man. [SingersRoom]

Big Boi, T.I., Eve, Romeo and executive producer Queen Latifah herself will be making appearances on VH1's second season of its new scripted series "Single Ladies." Guess they're looking for ratings. [AllHipHop]

Check out Rihanna in the extremely awkward promo for this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," hosted by New York Giant Eli Manning. [NBC]

Friday sign the apocalypse is upon us: this "Jeopardy" contestant thinks LMFAO originally recorded Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)." Amazing. [YouTube]

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