Beanie Sigel got into it with his former boss Jay-Z last year, accusing the rapper of neglecting him and turning overwhelmingly greedy over the years. Now, he's going at the other former Roc leader, Damon Dash, by claiming that the hip-hop entrepreneur owes him $11 million in back pay from his glory days. Any claim so far after the fact is a bit suspect, but Beans laid out his point in a recent interview with Star & Buc Wild.

"I ain't loyal to Dame," he said when asked about his time with Roc-a-fella Records. "My lawyer found about $11 million that Damon Dash stole from me. I mean, he filed bankruptcy. I have a piece of paper that say he owes me some money, but who wants to go through that... I haven't seen or talked to Dame in roughly five years."

Sigel, while simply answering the questions thrown his way, also explained how Dame standing with him during his various legal trials in the mid 2000s was more of a power move in his boss' relationship with Jay-Z than an actual show of support. He claims that Dame knew that Jay was leaving and was trying to sure up his relationship with the only other rapper that could conceivably carry the label in the future.

"That was a façade," he explained. "That was smoke and mirrors. That was the Jay-Z, Dame Dash breaking up with Dame there everyday ... If you couldn't have Jay-Z, who was the next person you gonna have? I seen through that."

Beanie Sigel, 'In The Ghetto'

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